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The Library of Digital Arts and Cinema Department is located at the Evripos University Compex at Psachna in Evia and provides access to printed and electronic book titles as well as audiovisual content. The Library has a reading room and group study areas, while its collection is open to the Department's students (undergraduate and postgraduate), teaching and administrative staff.

The Library is housed on the ground floor in the Euripou building complex of the EKPA in Psachna, Evia.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08:00 - 15:30.

Tel. : (+30) 22280 99530, (+30) 22280 99512

The Library is closed during holidays as defined by the Department's academic calendar

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The NKUA Central Library is located in Athens at 42-44 Aiolou & Kolokotroni St. on the 5th floor. Its  collection spans two floors where there is a rich collection of printed books (55,000 volumes), 50 study places, 6 workstations with PCs for access to electronic journals and bibliographic databases, 2 workstations for access to the digital collection of diploma and doctoral theses and wireless network (wi-fi). NKUA Central Library also provides 1 special work place for persons with disabilites and specifically for students with vision impairment and mobility disabilities in the upper limbs.



See more information abouth the NKUA Central Library and its electronic catalog here