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Art & Technology is an interdisciplinary area of study focused on the creative use and investigation of technology through art making. The Department's Laboratories aim at the development of academic research and the promotion of knowledge in the  fields of Art and Technology with project-based learning.

The Department's Laboratories comprise research areas aim to conduct research, seminars and studies and explore the relationship between art, science and technology, providing students and researchers the physical space, the technical equipment and the educational backround to:

  • produce digital films and audiovisual content

  • create interactive installations, electronic objects and interfaces

  • produce  3D animations, 3D modeling

  • design art games

  • explore virtual reality and immersive forms of art

  • process sound

  • research emerging experimental forms of digital communication

Students and researchers of the Digital Arts and Cinema Department are dedicated to research activities throughout the year. A total number of 5 Laboratories are housed in Evripos University Complex serving the purpose of research-education interrelation.

  1. Digital Multimedia Technology Laboratory
  2. Digital Audiovisual Production Laboratory
  3. Digital Image and Sound Editing Laboratory
  4. Digital Film Direction Laboratory
  5. Digital Enviroment, Installation and Virtal Reality Laboratory